Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 29 June 2006

The Kick Ass Detail

kick ass detail

So, I intend to try to tackle this as close to every day as I can.  Since I’m not as organized as I would like to be [I suppose that’s the point of this whole endeavour] I thought I would start here…with my favourite thing.  [Giggling inside…]

This close up is from the installation ‘A Phenomenological Approach’.  A Phenomenological Approach was an installation that attempted to mirror my subjective experience of the creative process-the phenomenology of the creative process.  It consisted of two adult human sized sculptures called Being and Consciousness that were connected in the space by two versions of Forms of Thought [representing language and imagery] that in the center of the installation passed through an area called ‘The Zone’.The detail is so named because it is a point of understanding for me. [Should I care if it may not be for anyone else?]  Here an imagery based form of thought has dropped through consciousness reflected in the mirror-like mechanism of conscious processing [i.e. does this word really match what I mean? cognitive processing… maybe, hmmm. Well yes, it does.] as it is about to be transformed into language – like the language forms of thought around it.  I really LOVE this image. Hah!

But, in an effort to be serious here…Do ever get the feeling that you accomplished exactly what you wanted to, that it just came out right and didn’t care what anyone else thought? [Except art historians who don’t give you the grade you deserve.  Don’t really care what they think only that their thinking affected my final grade…bastards.*]  This installations was one of those things.  I worked in one form or another on this project every free moment I had from work for more than a year and voila! at the end I was satisfied.  You can’t ask for more than that. I will be adding the different sections of the installation and other things over the next few entries.**

*Yes, I now have a beef with art historians telling artists what art is. An art historian’s job is tell people what art was.

**2007-02-13: Didn’t do that, but there are images on Flickr and a post from today. Better late than never?



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