Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 12 July 2006

Official Dahmet! Post

I feel like creating one.  As I try to pull all of this together, the realization comes that I’m at bottom propelled by irritation…no, dahmet! frustration…no, dahmet! It’s plain old anger. 

Journal of a mad black woman or NoumenArt: the pissed off consciousness project.

I spend the former portion of my life wondering–what’s wrong with me? Maybe I don’t communicate properly. Maybe I project a slow, unintelligent person. When did I start doing that?  Maybe I am a slow, unintelligent person.  Why do I think I’m not? Maybe I really should be more vocal. But…it seems to make some people uncomfortable when I assert myself, maybe I could change this or should change that or…

Dahmet! there’s nothing wrong with me.

I’m OK…and you’re not.




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