Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 30 July 2006


At least I’m over that hump and can begin to get information from artists. But I think this was the easy part.  If I drank, I would drink now.

I need to remember to put in the information about the process of putting this together, including:

  • learning to use WordPress,
  • having to mine the php code [which I didn’t know at the beginning-um…still don’t know],
  • figuring out the format and content of the questions,
  • setting it up in a format that can carry through to future research,
  • the idea of having it database driven so I can more easily analyze the data and
  • the format being necessary to the removing of time pressure for the artists.

Yeah…I’ll get to it.

2-8-07: Yeah…did not get to it and figured these bullet points are enough.  Removing from the elaborate category.



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