Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 1 August 2006

Prolonging the moments of honesty…


Prolonging the moments of honesty.  There are fleeting moments of balance (peace, stillness and beauty), a time when I am “AtOne” —  I would like to continue this in my artwork. I admittedly force my will on certain things ahead of time.  “Void of concrete reference” – to work abstractly in a way that is vague or without reference.  There is a definite push to work a certain way; to leave out straight lines, to work organically (with organic shapes), to allow interaction with the piece.  I also like to continue that interaction after the piece is “completed” —  to allow the work to tell me where to go, instead of the other way around. (This is admittedly a difficult task and goes back to the ‘honesty’ I attempt to keep in relation to the work).  I feel that this way of working is most important at this stage in my development.

There is the focus on intuition or the intuitive, creative process; allowing the art to take shape almost of its own volition.  Analysis should come after — before the next piece or before the next series of pieces.

Address in a clearer way the importance of the intuitive process in relation to the epistemic and metaphysical questions you have – Balance.

I feel that in this way [working with a kind of mindful awareness] I will develop a side of myself that I think has been neglected, although probably my natural state of being. It is also an avenue that will hopefully lead to the answers that I seek or further clarification of the questions.  There are of course, things that I think about (philosophical and scientific questions that I have) — issues, if you want to call them that.

Working in an almost automatic, interactive mode frees the logical, analytical portion of my mind to think about these things. Not that there isn’t thought involved in the art-making process, it’s just a different kind of thought process.  It belongs more along the lines of the trust of the feeling of rightness or the natural. [I had the thought recently while working on another piece, that maybe it was actually the focus on the abstract, non-referential (the drive to concentrate on this) in the process of the art making that allows me the freedom to think of things outside of the everyday — closer to the fleeting glimpse].  I believe that intuition is like the autonomous nervous system – there are processes involved (probably very complicated processes), they are just so deeply buried somewhere in our genetic memory as to seem without reason.

Anyway, as I was saying, working in an intuitive way (in a process that involves physical labor or relying on the happenstance or even repetitiveness) gives me the freedom to think on another level.



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