Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 1 August 2006

Words are no Help

Words are no help to me when I try to speak about my painting.
It is an irreducible presence that refuses to be converted into any
other form of expression. It is a presence both imminent and active.

This is what it stands for: to exist so as to signify and to exist so as to paint.

My painting is a reality which is part of myself, a reality that I cannot reveal in words. It would be easier for me to say what does not need to be painted, what does not pertain to painting, what I exclude from my work sometimes with deliberate violence, sometimes with satisfaction.

Were I a master of an exact and less threadbare terminology, were I a marvelously alert and enlightened critic, I still could not verbally establish a close connection with my painting: my words would be marginal notes upon the truth within the canvas.  For years pictures have led me, and my work is just a way of stimulating the drive.

I can only say this: painting for me is a freedom attained, constantly consolidated, vigorously guarded so as to draw from it the power to paint more.


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