Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 6 August 2006

Side note

Been thinking about the fact that I actually have been trying to do something like this for a while.  This is what I wanted for the original site  But as usual didn’t know how to let them know exactly what I wanted.  Their GUI was not as interactive as I needed and I didn’t know enough to do it myself.  Still don’t know enough, but technology has fixed some of that problem for me.

Anyway…the site did look nice and I get to say I have artwork in Pakistan. They have one of my favourite art pieces-epistamai logos.  I still miss that thing.  I let it go much, much, much sooner than I should have. It was one of those artworks that came from the best place in me-the Zone, ancient cave-shaman knowing, dreamtime awareness.  And I don’t know if that state with all the variables that built up to and around it can [eek, or should] be duplicated.

I’ll never pay for something with my artwork again.  That painting is a signature &*%&#%^!! work.





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