Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 9 August 2006

DataNet Overflow

Thought I would remove these parenthetical comments from the DataNet.

Call it following an intuition…I do this often: I knew I wanted to have some sort of organization that addresses (specifically with input from artists) the idea that the practice of art could give some insight to the noumen within us – consciousness.  The NoumenArt web concept first came in 2004 as simply that – a name. The domain name was secured in November 2004.

There are many artists addressing these issues quite competently within their artwork and at bottom I believe that all the talk, writing, analysis I or anyone else does cannot substitute for the kind of knowledge gained through soma|sensory processes, i.e. lived subjective experience…but hey, there are plenty of people out there doing potentially useless navel contemplating.

Besides it often occurs to me that any new ‘language’ that may be generated by neuro-scientific research will probably include ‘energy’ and ‘field’ which when used together sounds suspiciously like ‘aura’.


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