Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 3 September 2006

On Coherence…

I’ve grown tired. I’m done “showing the work”.  Coherence, like everything else, is relative.  Who decides whether or not my work, my thoughts are coherent?  I believe that I do.

The “body of work” concept becomes a sign of an artist’s maturity only in the definition of maturity that includes closing yourself off to all the questions, perspectives and forms of expression available in order to focus in on what makes you comfortable.

An externally evident “coherence” is also not a sign of how the functioning of any one artist’s mind or work has matured, but of how much they adhere to the “body of work” concept through their chosen communication method.  I have more than one method of which the visual has to remain completely free and personal.

If anyone is interested enough in knowing what adhesive sticks the individual portions of my thoughts together into on big glob of coherence would be best served by going to my website.  There, at their leisure they can read all my writing while cross-referencing my artwork and tackle those intricacies until they reach a coherent understanding of their own.



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