Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 5 December 2006


FirstRealDay_Warmouth Info Hub.jpg    FirstRealDay_Warmouth Info Hub3.jpg    FirstRealDay_Warmouth Info Hub2.jpg 

Warmouth Info Hub Bus Station

First Real Day: My torso is still too short here.  I remember the dance teacher at Jamaica School of Dance saying, “You have a long torso, learn how to use it.”  Of course I needed to, because what this really meant was that I had short legs.  In any case, I went through the lesson in patience of making the Second Life me look like the real life me, except…I clad myself head to toe in brown leather, including gloves and boots.  This was done by changing the texture layering over the original pieces of clothing.

Walking around I found a road and bus station not far from the original park area in Warmouth.  I guess I thought this was supposed to be for those old fashioned people who wanted to travel in a way other than the usual SL Teleport system.  It actually used the teleport system anyway.  I tried to go to the Disco Inferno Seventies Club, but somehow I got stuck under water-in the dark and confused.  Who knows…I wasn’t used to moving around yet and got stuck, so I quit and came back in.  Why can’t we do that in Real Life?

This is also when I decided that their version of the 50% middle ground between bow-legged and knock-kneed was still bow-legged, at least on my body type.

As you can see in the third picture, if you right click on yourself you are given options like ‘Profile’, ‘Appearance’, ‘Groups’, ‘Friends’ and the use with care ‘Take Off’ that I’ll talk about later.  The ‘Appearance’ puts you into edit mode like seen in the ‘Making Xhyra’ snapshot and the next snapshot below. [The middle snapshot includes the file menu where you can see ‘Snapshot to Disk’ highlighted.]

Since I forgot to record the original orientation, I decided to find another to go through for some snapshots.  But first, I thought it was time to change clothes…I had picked up a bunch of free stuff including clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. [vehicles!] at Shelter in Exile, a spot that welcomed new residents. 

I hadn’t any land yet or built a house [in Second Life you can purchase land, it has it’s own currency – Linden Dollars], so I had made Warmouth my Home spot.  This is what I learned in the middle of the Warmouth park area with tons of other SL residents standing around: when you click ‘Take off >>All’ you will then be naked.  Duh!!  I’ll have to turn in my Mensa card.  Luckily it didn’t take long for me to drag some clothing unto myself and managed to avoid being cited for indecency.  The jacket I’m wearing is supposed to be a Man’s leather jacket.  It’s been feminized.  It took some time for me to adjust [or replace] the clothes I had quickly dragged unto myself, add underwear [ha!], some jewelry, change shoes, adjust my hair, fiddle with my face and make some gloves. 

Warmouth Infohub_New Outfit.jpg  ‘New Outfit’

Then off I went.

This post is getting too long so let’s take a break and continue in – Appearance and Orientation II

Taking a break.jpg  ‘Taking a break at the Orientation Station’



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