Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 5 December 2006

Gallery Scenes

Welcome Area.jpg  ‘Observing at the Welcome Area’

Even still, when in Second Life [SL] I don’t really do much [especially intereacting] except observe, but this is no different from real life [abbreviated RL for those in SL].  I go to the infohubs or whereever, find a place to sit and click on everything. I’ve always learned a lot by shutting up and paying attention to what’s going on around me. You can see all the chat bubbles of the people talking. But…I set myself as busy, clicked all the info billboards and went through some notecards. 

You can see a notecard in this picture:

Library of Prims.jpg  ‘Library of Primitives’

The Ivory Tower Library of Primitives is a self-paced building tutorial area.  I’ll talk about building later.

I took some time late at night [less or no people around-although I did meet Peggi Pugilist, another artist.  She was nice so I invited her to be on my friends list] to visit some galleries – what else would an artist do? These scenes are all before I flashed everyone while changing clothes in Warmouth, so I’m in kick ass brown leather.

Gallery in Citrago_001.jpg  Gallery in Citrago_002.jpg


Gallery in Gwail.jpg


SHIVU Gallery_001.jpg   SHIVU Gallery_002.jpg


SHIVU Gallery_seated.jpg



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