Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 5 December 2006

Second Life

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for quite some time. The vr or simulated world would be a way for me to get used to the technology and be the beginning of setting me on the road to thinking about some subject areas – game theory, action theory, etc. Or at least that’s what I think.  I do things in strange ways… But, at bottom, it’s simply to get a feel for what is possible in these environments with vague ideas about self identification and how virtual visualization affects reality, plus meeting the challenge of finding something I could start from ‘scratch’ toward fully paying attention to the fuzzy moments of ‘invention’ when the creative vocabulary comes together meaningfully from ‘play’.  Simply she says…

I had thought of using the MxO MMO, but really…nothing good can come of me being immersed in an environment [virtual or not] that facilitates the possibility of my elegantly dropkicking the people that piss me off or shooting loads of rounds, killing tons of people/agents.  So predictably, I just never happened to follow through – my subconscious is extremely wise.  I am frighteningly good at those shoot to kill SWAT, Navy Seal or whatever the hell they are video games with the plastic rifle and time for armor pedals, even at my age.  [And happen to be, even more scarily, extremely relaxed and satisfied afterward].

Recently I found out about Second Life, which has the added bonus of an in world way of building. Voila, maybe I could actually get beyond the ‘OK I get this, but I can’t think of anything interesting enough to make me sit here for so long to make it’ phase  I would have to build myself practical things for a somewhat practical reason.  Very non-artist of me, I know.  Not really, my artwork on many levels is extremely practical for the unsuspecting people around me…there are faces in the red hot beads of melting metal.  Mwah hah ha hah.

Anyway…I decided I would try this.  Here is a picture of the first step into Second Life with my inadequate internet connection:

First Day1.jpg

Next post – Making the Xhyra Graf



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