Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 5 December 2006

Well I'll be…

Making Xhyra2.jpg I finally asked Ana to take a look at the ‘Making Xhyra’ picture and others.

She thinks the eyes need to be bigger and the lips thinner, although the profile looks like me. “I’ll look like some wide eyed alien freak”, I said.  [Of course, I do often feel I’m really an alien.] ‘Well, you do want it to look like you, don’t you?” She said while laughing.  This is the caliber of my friends…ugh!

Charm, my sister, had been telling me all along that the lips were too big [and that the eyes needed to be bigger].  What can I say, maybe I’ve conformed still to some form of stereotyping-black woman, ergo fuller lips.  I’ll work on it some more over the weekend.

Let’s not forget that the hair is too poofy.  At least, I seem to have gotten the body type right.

And everyone would think a subjective perspective freak wouldn’t take external observation seriously.  Yeah,  I am just particular about whose opinions I absorb.



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