Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 5 December 2006

Xhyra Graf

Making Xhyra1.jpg ‘Making Xhyra’

I must admit the temptation to have red eyes and purple hair [wings!!] was great, but I decided to try for a self portrait.  As much as there are complainers about second life [yes, they do have some problems, but come on…whine, whine] their appearance interface is simple and intuitive with immediate visual feedback on even minor changes.  Awesome!  I knew if I waited long enough there would be something that would work with my short attention span.  Good God, I remember how long it would take to render something however many years ago I first began to try 3D.  Get up, go to the bathroom, pick my nose, eat a sandwich and come back.  Nope, still not done.  Render this!  Time for a nap.

Still… even though it was simple, it took forever and I drove my family crazy.  [This is where I suffer because of my aversion to being photographed].  Does it look like me yet? No.  Does it look like me yet? No. I’ll email you some images of yourself.  Does it look like me yet? NO! Don’t you have a mirror for Pete’s sake!  [I only have two bathroom sink sized mirrors.]  It was somewhat satisfying that I had to pack on muscle instead of fat to get the bodyshape close to right. This next snapshot was the first stop because I got tired [I’m still tweaking, at this point I realized that the torso was too short]: 

FirstRealDay_001.jpg ‘Looking out over a new world’

This was somewhere on an Orientation Island. 

I forgot to document, document, document the orientation process so I had to go back to another and take some snapshots of the second life orientation routine.  Following is a picture of standard avatars in the portion of orientation that you get to chose a female or male avatar:

Avatar Beginning.jpg I had finally changed my clothes.  More on that later…

Next post – Appearance and Orientation.



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