Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 7 December 2006

More like me

In one corner of Shelter in Exile… 


Hair is flatter, eyes are larger, lips thinner and I’m chilling… with what…? Ha!


I do have to say that my tummy would only be visible in my own living room…but hey, it’s my second life. I couldn’t get the shirt lower or the pants higher.  I guess they were made for a smaller person…what’s new.  I AM more comfortable the way I would be in my own living room. Makes sense…


Hmmm, I think I accidentally flashed Orion and Veronica at the sculpture studio once. It was their fault.  It was late and no one was supposed to be there, Dahmet!  If they were at home like good young ‘uns should have been, no one would have seen The Tummy.

I am supposed to be working on putting my own comfort first.  Watch out for more of ‘The Tummy’ coming soon.  Right before the showing of the ‘The Upper Arms’.  Mwah ha hah ha!



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