Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 11 December 2006

Virtual Sculpture

After many, many attempts [I kept getting booted off the internet connection] I finally got the Xhyra Graf Flash slideshow/video uploaded.

I spent some time trying to make SL sculpture.  It’s helping me to understand [better than my previous tries with 3D software] how to manipulate the individual ‘primitives’ and add textures, align them, etc.  What I found interesting is I still had some attachment to body size/physical self reference when deciding on the scale. I guess in this case it is more like ‘visual field’.  I had to consciously make the decision to step back in order to allow the sculpture to be larger and also found it somewhat disconcerting that I could not gauge what was going on with all of the sculpture during some points of stretching and rotating the primitives.  It’s what prevents me from making big ass sculpture in RL…although, I had decided that I would work in modules like building blocks.  I guess I can do that in SL also.  Here are the first attempts:

Snapshot_002.jpg  Snapshot_004.jpg  Snapshot_005.jpg 

What do you call this? ‘Metal Grating Sculpture’ I guess – Made of three primitives…two for the sculpture and one for the concrete block that I would have to bolt it to if it was in RL.  I must say that it was an interesting experience, quite frustrating and satisfying at the same time.  Hmmm, kind of like making artwork in general.  I had trouble aligning everything into a satisfying visual composition.  Trial and error and paying attention to the calculations finally did it.  The intuitive interface and almost immediate [had some trouble with depth perception, thinking I placed the sculpture in the center of the block when it was actually hanging off the edge in the back] visual confirmation made it much easier than using a forge…ha!


This is another metal sculpture – two primitives.  The little thing that looks like some kind of insect in front of it is supposed to be me, somehow it’s just my earrings and choker [accessories to my cowgirl attire]. My avator didn’t show up for some reason. I can’t even take credit for taking a snapshot without me in it.  The sculpture is not done…in RL that would never stand up or would fall over from a slight push.  I have a thin stretched conical piece in my inventory to use for support, that I didn’t have time to place.  I’ll get back to it in a few days.


What is really cool is the interactive sculpture, ‘Goofy Balls’, in the background made by Hare Pace [I think that was her name, you can see her standing next to them] – the balls change color, size and configuration as you touch them.  She just created a gallery.  I’ll visit her there soon…



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