Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 14 December 2006

360 Spin


In an effort to calm my mind with monotony, I took a ton of SL snapshots and compiled 86? [I think that’s the right number] of them into a short; a 360 spin.  Would that I were Buddhist so I could possibly have at least the discernment [um… oh yeah, that’s also a christian concept, my bad] to see my way out of the circle of thinking.  Of course my attachment to the desire to externally resolve things already internally resolved may be my karmic challenge.  Anyway, bad internet connection so the rest of the Warmouth hub did not resolve, it’s still an OK shot.  Here it is, although there is no reason for anyone to look at it unless they want to get dizzy.  Not quite fast enough and there are 3 hiccups, including the beginning in a loop, which I’ll fix later. 

Just…what? Documentation.  It will show up later in another video with a sun zoom section.  I’ll just keep on making film out of still shots until I learn how to do it seamlessly and yes, artfully.



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