Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 18 December 2006

My ‘self’ wishes my ‘non-self’ would assert itself

Update 03-24-11: Have recurring reflective memory of this phrase so finally looked it up on the blog. Found the following section of the paper useful… and of course the paper itself seems useful for me in thinking about spirituality and transhumanism.

The Buddhist concept of Samudaya, from the Noble Truths, is that there is a cause for suffering – Desire [or clinging].    Desire is caused by the inability to recognize anicca or the impermanence of the five aggregates of human material existence; without realizing that the fundamental nature of all phenomena is anatta or to be impermanent, it is impossible to come to an understanding of the insubstantiality of self; so dukkha or suffering increases.


Well it’s finally done.  Has been done, I just had to sit on it for a bit.  It was an exercise in asserting myself, worse than BFA orals …and no-one was around.

Link here: Humanist Compatibilities Between Marxism & Buddhism

What makes me think I could make this clear? It was a struggle…

You chose to do this.  You could have chosen something else.

But I don’t wanna!

Well, you chose it.

Frelling dren!  OK, self, non-self, materialist, idealist, spirit, consciousness…I don’t wanna!

So…the Master’s paper looms over my head.  Self wants to disappear into nothingness.  Why do I do this to myself?  What is the purpose?  It would seem that it would be easier for me to spend some time alone to figure this stuff out and then, if possible, ping out of existence and leave all this behind.

But…it’s done.  I’ll look at it again in January.


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