Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 18 December 2006

What the heck…


So I watched the ‘Prepare Yourself’ video from Second Life [shot entirely in world]. It occurred to me… what’s the point of having a second life if you just clone yourself. And I did a makeover.


After sitting down to some succhi and doing some thinking, I decided that even though I was wearing a cool tattoo it was a bit overboard. And somehow…not enough.  Blue skin like Zhaan would have been good.  It was also troubling me that it was someone else’s skin and tattoo [meaning someone else made it].  I finally settled on this:


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I look like a slightly darker Aeryn Sun. [Who remembers that she was also an amazon in an episode of Xena?]

To get this look: I went back to the original, slimmed down the body, lengthened the hair and that was it. [hmmm…just noticed I’m not saying me or my anymore.]  At this point I was trying to decide on the gun or the sword.  I think I’ll alternate.

Gonna make some knives and an ankle sheath…

Maybe a small dagger and a breast sheath.


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