Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 23 December 2006

Hero Making


I was organizing my computer files and came across these.  I made these up with a program I found on the net called Hero Machine sometime earlier this year. Sheesh, how long does it take me to get to things. 

I was doing some research and came upon a comparison between Second Life and Active Worlds.  I remember when Active Worlds came out or relaunched or whatever. My computer was not up to par or something like that.  Can’t remember the details.  I have to say, SL Avatars are visually more appealing, even the standard ones.  The ones that people have customized with their own skins are enough to make me curse my lack of stick-to-it-iveness.  Well, I curse anyway after I think I’ve aligned some thing from one angle and from another it ends up looking like this…

Snapshot_001.jpg yeah…I did get it straightened out.  I’m in the background [with new ‘Storm’ white hair] looking for something to break or just, just…DELETE. Frell! I just wanted some shelves.  How hard should that be?

So it will be my challenge to see if I can make the Hero Machine getup for the XhyraGraf.  The details will be challenging but I think this will be the final look. Xena eat your heart out!

Of course, the best part is Tygra, my not so little companion…more useful and less talkative than a Gabrielle. Just kidding, I grew to like Gabrielle; especially when she started to use the sais.  Hmmm…How would I go about having a Tygra in SL?

xhyra.jpg1 Can you see what’s different between the two Xhyra’s?


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