Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 28 December 2006

Customer Service

Infohub seated_011_001.jpg A ‘conversation’ at FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus registrar’s office.

Tonie: How long does it take for this to go through?

Diego: Seven business days

Tonie: Oh no! Is there anyway possible that it can be done sooner?

Diego: Seven business days

Tonie: But I might get thrown out of school if this doesn’t go through in time! [OK, so I exaggerated a little.]

Diego: Seven business days

Tonie: Hmmm

I originally walked away not in the least nonplussed…I had tried. 

However, somewhere along the line it sunk in that someone who works for a University only had three words in his vocabulary.  I thought to myself “Hey, wait a minute! That was kind of rude. I mean what if I really was going to be kicked out of school?”

Snapshot_022.jpgSo I went back to ask for his name so I could write a letter.  All of a sudden he was agitated and his vocabulary expanded a little.  He wouldn’t give me his last name.  Although he said ‘seven business days’ two more times, at least I got a rise out of him.  Don’t even need to write the letter… Some emotion from an automaton.  My work here was done.  I feel better.




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