Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 4 January 2007

Gut Feelings and Reason

Thought this would be an interesting thing to break down.  It kind of covers identification and internal vs. external classification.  Mostly why I think figuring out consciousness is a bitch of a task….

And have decided that either I’ll come back to this later or simply not come back to it at all since the gist of it will be fleshed out [pun intended] within the explanation of sensate intuition and/or noeisis within those subjective experiences.  It’s that dichotomy vs. continuum thing again in the intuition vs. intellect conundrum.  Gut feelings aren’t necessarily just ‘without reason’.  I believe some people are attuned to the different levels of consciousness awareness or have a highly tuned…what I would call ‘probability sense’.  It is a thing for some that happens almost without awareness, where you can assess a situation or person almost immediately toward a plan of action.

Yes…sometimes this sense can be wrong but that is why it’s probability not certainty [and this is why the concept of God is useful, we can let some things go until we have enough information to assess it fully instead of believing that everything is within the grasp of an underdeveloped reason].  Certainty happens in a lab with measured constraints.  Life is not ever like that.  Pure Math deals with the abstract, probability deals with reality.  I think we have evolved highly accurate ways of gauging the flux of cause and effect as it pertains to each situation and moment.  What is the likelihood that this will happen or this person will behave in a certain way?  It completely makes sense that this would be part and parcel of any survival mechanism carry over through evolution.  I don’t really think it is counter-intuitive that someone’s sense of the world may be more finely tuned than their rationalization of it.  The sensory is direct access [qualia again?] the rationalized is possibly ingrained with mistaken views of the way things really are and worse yet, we are trained to distrust these mechanisms of survival.*

We shouldn’t forget that we don’t know everything yet.

Now as for the impetus of this post…the gut feeling vs. what seems to make sense.  It would seem to make sense for me to talk to The Architect for a better view of Kant and give that dead white guy more weight in my paper or to heavily refer to Phenomenology…but it has been my experience that people process fast, especially rationally. [Yeah…]  One says Kant or Phenomenology and their mind has already taken the road most travelled.  [It is part of the reason I am trying to find away to refer to aesthetic experience without saying aesthetic experience.  No one seems to remember that is supposed to be the science of sense perception or think about what that really means.]

In any case, the beginning of the paper will be heavily weighted with clarifying common concepts to be sure everyone [all three committee members as probably the only people that will read it…lol] is on the same page as the different sections of the paper unfold.

*We may want to consider whether or not consciousness [at least of the western kind, easterners don’t seem to be so far off track] is a bad development [mutation] along the evolutionary scale, especially since we seem to have become predisposed to allowing it to run rampant without check as the only harbinger of truth, without considered mediation.  Yes Dr. Baars, why is there such a limit to conscious awareness or attention and further that why has this limit always existed, is this limit the same across races or cultures and can it be overcome by some methods say ritual?  Ritual….the Japanese have everything down to an art [arts stolen from the Chinese and everyone else].

If all our information comes to us through our senses we should pay more attention to tuning them.  As it is, I believe my body and mind actually had to begin to deteriorate to understand the stuff I’m currently studying…it’s backward and slow.  Most days I really feel like I’m suffering from a form of addiction or psychological imbalance. I find myself unable to resist continuing in this vein though my sense tells me there is a better way and I realize it is really driven by a sense of loss [that I don’t want others to have to deal with], a deep seated irritation and a kind of morbid fascination with something that doesn’t make sense – i.e. why are there pedophiles, serial killers and analytical philosophers? Actually, I think most pedophiles may realize that there’s something wrong with them. Can’t say that for the other two.


  1. […] **Which means I have to go talk to “The Architect” professor [ok, he does remind me of that character] and apologise for sucking as student so I can talk to him about Kant.

    Update: In a rare moment of trusting my instincts, which I usually over analyze and tend to distrust, I’ve decide not to talk to the Architect. There is a reason I didn’t want to concentrate on Kant at this point.  The subject matter is enough of a behemoth and there is enough of a headache without having to overcome opinions about what a philosophy Goliath like Kant really meant.  It will overload an already speculative paper with too much techinical ‘philosophy’ mumbo jumbo.  This is a Liberal Studies Degree not a Philosophy Degree.  I’ll just have to take it from another angle using this idea as base. Do I want to write about why I’ve really decided not to talk to the Architect? No, because that goes into too fuzzy of an area that no one will get.  Maybe it is enough to note that there is this explanation that is based on a gut feeling reason I don’t want to get into.

    BTW, my instincts usually turn out to be incredibly on target which is why this habit I’ve developed of not trusting them is especially annoying.[…]

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