Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 7 January 2007

Let’s not forget…

Xhyra Graf Update

To continue on from the “Self Image” post about the different permutations of Xhyra Graf, I am now blue.  Woohoo! I like it! 


Which reminds me of a funny thing that happened, or maybe it’s a ‘you had to be there’ story: I went back to visit the SL Campus, because I had a nice quiet time reading there…

reading.jpg [What do I mean by reading, it’s a virtual world!? I mean that I put Xhyra down in this spot while I read in RL the PDF instructions to the SL texture downloads, the LSL Guide and the Official Linden [Second Life] Blog. Maybe this will be a long story.] So, I teleported in and immediately found myself flying through the air, landing face down on nearby embankment. WTF! I get up and try to re-orient myself, turning around to find a tall metal armour clad person with a giant machine gun weighing down one hand.  [If I don’t use names no one gets in trouble for weapons use] “Sorry blue person.” He says, “I thought you were someone else”.  He had shot me.  How may other blue people are there in SL? and do they know a crazed assassin is after them? OK, the “Sorry blue person” was the funny part.  I guess you had to be there.  It just occurred to me that being blue makes it alright that I hum the Smurf Song of Industry when I weld and grind metal. La la lala la la, la lala la la…

Anyway, so far I’ve been tooling around Second Life and found a space to rent, thanks to Moshe whose art opening I was invited to in SL – his latest and more elegant low prim sculptures were themed blue which he thought I would appreciate. The rental fee is about the same or a little less than the tier fee [tax] for owning land.  Since I haven’t been able to find any First Land and don’t want to pay a higher amount for the allowed 512m sq., renting seems to be a good option.  Now Moshe and I will be neighbours in the same highrise.  For the next week or so I will be setting it up to use as a studio/gallery and then seriously get to work.

Snapshot_011.jpg Studio Shot – Live/Work Space [hilarious]

The manager/executive at Division Pi whose name I can’t remember now was very nice and spent some time with me changing the dark carpet to this awesome! light blue tiling.  The SL world is kind of interesting. I’ve been getting lots of ideas. One of which was Quatro – a four person meditation space…it will be interesting to see if this can translate to a virtual world.  I have to visit the guided meditation center that I found in search. [And sell them one!! Ha!!]

Snapshot_005.bmp Quatro.jpg It has owner specific voice command, er, chat command lighting [basically whoever owns it can type ‘on’ and ‘off’ to turn it on and off; but until they get voice chat everywhere I may change it to click on and off with the mouse, just one finger movement as opposed to 3 or 4 keystrokes.] and I have to put in the ‘sit on ground’ pose balls that put you in the yoga seated position.  The same as on the Personal Labyrinth Meditation Rug in the previous post. Don’t congratulate me on my scripting skills yet, those were totally ‘appropriated’ – they were free to copy. I just changed the texture on the ball to one I created from my Limitations piece.

Snapshot_023.bmp zzzzzzzzz

[Gotta get out of the habit of doing FreeCell during saves and uploads or get a faster internet connection.  However, I don’t like just sitting here looking at the number of bars increase.]

Snapshot_024.bmp zzzzzz

OK, back. Got through an entire FreeCell game that time. ^%$&#!! So… 

I made two T-Shirts today with the ‘And God Goes Unpunished’ [AGGU] painting on one and ‘Faith and Balance’ [FnB] on the other. AGGU, the painting that made me an artist. The painting that will never be sold.  I’ve been wanting to make a T or poster of AGGU since I gave it to my sister.  SL makes things easier; no screen printing or third party printer. There u go – I’ll package it up and put it the display case in my SL studio.

Here are pics of the templates:

AGGUpic.jpg FnBpic.jpg 

When I get to a decent internet connection, I’ll put one on, take some pictures and post it here and/or on Flickr.  I’ll probably have to make some adjustments.  Does having the template really make it easier?  Not really, now I have to learn to use my graphics program properly.  Ha!  At least they provided us with templates.  That made creating the shirt a whole heck of a lot more simple and it was fun.  See.  Learning stuff already, on my way to joining the digital revolution in more ways than in just my head and making websites.

Snapshot_003.jpg Sheesh. It takes a lot of time to maintain this weblog. 


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