Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 10 January 2007


Desc: The unpacking of religious and creative experience toward illuminating the functional necessity of the subjective point of view or Qualia.

I’m going to leave the above for a bit, but start fresh:

Within this interdisciplinary approach to the unpacking of such [wholly subjective]experiences is the assumption that, as exemplars of the most inaccessible portion of first person conscious experience, they should in fact be closely investigated. To attempt a resolution between the differing methodologies of the humanities and the empirical sciences would seem to be the most reasoned pathway toward clarity within the highly undefined purvey of conscious activity within the field of consciousness studies.  An across fields modelling of some of the more troubling aspects of common experiences may contribute to a reasoned explanation of why an empirically approachable model of the subjective quality of experience that retains some constancy across fields has been pervasively slippery.


Ah yes, almost forgot that I changed it to practice instead of experience since I need to draw out how the autotelic nature of the mystical union or flow experience brings on a repeat pattern or habit [practice] that is the basis for a reflection that is both something more than introspection and but also grounds consciousness in a more autonomic fashion-i.e. a development of an ‘expertise’ in this kind of practice.  So, part of the purpose of this study is to get to this portion of RE & CE: Religious & Creative Practice


This does not yet get us to the functional necessity, but that has recently come up as a question.  It may be possible to complete a paper of substance and greater focus by limiting myself to the attempt at a reasoned explanation of these in relation to the pervasive fuzziness of qualia.  The functional necessity of qualia may come up when addressing teleology, but that may be enough.  Or… it may fold out more easily as I begin to address time and ambiguity.



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