Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 18 January 2007

Model 13

The Community of Ideas Model

In some ways this is the most elemental of the social models of creativity. This model sees creativity as the result of a social process, not between people, but a social process between ideas (Greene, volume 2, 2002; Calvin, 1996). Its components are conferences, dialogs, marriages,divorces, partnerships, competitions, mediation, and like functions between ideas. It models creation as the result of the social lifethat ideas have while inside individual minds and while shared by a community of competing or cooperating human beings.

Subtly within this model is a split between ideas linked strictly to their origins in the world of perception and ideas, considered irrespective of such links, associating purely with each other, inside minds or groups of minds. The key ideas of this model are variables like “tolerance”,“boundary precision”, “idea mixer events”, that determine how much and how many and how well ideas associate with other ideas.

Ideas having rich social lives develop into creations; ideas having poor social lives, fail to create.



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  2. […] *Right 14 stays a no, naming it a Systems model under the Social Type was misleading -  just had to reread it again taking in his explanation. So maybe it’s 13-Community of Ideas Model [which was a no also-seems I left out 4 of the 6 ‘Social Types’ on initial choosing.  I wonder why? lmao.]  The Space Sharing or collaboration model [17-one of the two left] is close to 13 in that it fosters a community of ideas, but at this level one has already begun to cross into sub-creation…maybe though this is what I am looking for.  Have to decide or do I?  It’s possible that anything beyond the Self and Mind Type Models chosen would only pertain to a group used to investigate the phenomenology of subjective experiene within the creative act OR 13 would pertain to as he said the ‘most elemental of the social models’ and can speak to general creativity and 17 would pertain to an already directed self-making model creativity. Dum de dum….Ugh! Which do I need NOW. Well, as always the thing needed now is the thing that has the most future potential, makes no sense to dally with the general.  This is directed toward something.  So, it’s 17 then…It is the one that would pertain to an artist that is more aware of their process and are beginning to [directedly] create the ‘Social’ life necessary for their ideas to grow. And less directedly [is that a word?] than 16, the other of the two, which addresses social pressures for paradigm change. For each Type so far […]