Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 18 January 2007

Model 2

The Traits Model


This model was built by taking all statements of traits of creative works, people, societies from recent creativity research publishings, and grouping them, grouping those groups, ordering super-groups, copying that ordering with groups, and with items within groups (Arendt, 85; Bartholomew, 1989; Campbell, 1986; Boorstin, 1992; Barron et al, 1999; Greene, Journal, Sept. 1999; and others). Some 722 individual traits were treated in this way to produce a final model of 64 types of creativity traits.

The model has four main categories, each of which has four subcategories (each of which has four traits): variation (problem finding, bricolage, violation, and ingenue), combination (metaphor, abstraction, index events, and multiple worlds), selection (counter intuition, articulate, aesthetics, saturated fields), and reproduction (explanatory power, tool and frame invention, question invention, and zeitgeist).


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