Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 18 January 2007

Model 8

Discipline Combinatorics

This model of creativity holds that nearly all creativity comes from viewing the matters of one domain from the vantage point of things in another, often quite different domain (Braczyk et al, 1998; Brown and Duguid, 2000; Berger, 1991). It is striking how collaborative teams who win Nobel prizes and other recognitions of creativity, often combine just such different domains (John-Steiner, 2000). It is also striking how the immensely surprising and unsurpassable results of a creative person in a domain, shrivel into commonsense applications when you see how they took ordinary methods from one field and merely routinely applied them to a field normally not related to that other field at all.

I keep thinking of Clifford Geertz, the famous anthropologist, applying text analysis techniques, taught to nearly all undergraduate majors in literary criticism, and by applying them instead of to novels to accounts of rites and rituals of a society, he achieved global fame and honors.



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