Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 18 January 2007


[Realizing the value of this thing.  I finished the detailed outline/chart of the paper including how many pages each section would take. Looking through the blog reminded that I had left something out]

Although I’m just adding another ‘elaborate’ post, here is where the linking comes in.  I have to work on the Sensate Intuition concept including how it falls in with noesis and the idea that some ‘knowledge’ is non-propositional.

  • ‘Direct and immediate access to knowledge’ and how this relates to qualia def. part 4
  • How these all are affected by [Is that right? Maybe-how they fit into the conceptual scheme that includes] the specious present and a certain view of sense data.

Yeah. Gotta run so I’m not late… again.  Elaborate, elaborate!

Update: Check Merleau-Ponty and Mysticism posts and see what correlation portions of this concept may have to enactive perception [paperby Noë-the enactive approach to perceptual consciousness]


  1. […] And have decided that either I’ll come back to this later or simply not come back to it at all since the gist of it will be fleshed out [pun intended] within the explanation of sensate intuition and/or noeisis within those subjective experiences.  It’s that dichotomy vs. continuum thing again in the intuition vs. intellect conundrum.  Gut feelings aren’t necessarily just ‘without reason’.  I believe some people are attuned to the different levels of consciousness awareness or have a highly tuned…what I would call ‘probability sense’.  It is a thing for some that happens almost without awareness, where you can assess a situation or person almost immediately toward a plan of action.  […]


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