Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 19 January 2007

Model 24

The Population Automation Model

This model of creativity focusses on the various populations within creation processes (Greene, Journal, Sept. 1999). There are populations

of possible problems, ways to represent problems, possible solutions, ways that particular solutions fail, possible modifications of any one

partially effective solution, and many others. Creation in this model is the management (the non-linear management one would say) of such

populations. The entire model, then, is a sequence of populations involved in creating and a set of non-linear operations to perform on

those various populations.

What you manage in this model of creating is the process of something creative self-emerging, self-organizing from myriad interactions

within a particular population or where several populations intersect. Managing self-emergence has its own paradoxic character–how do

you “manage” something that manages itself? “Tuning” the interactions among items is the answer–you tune the interactions till wanted or

pleasantly surprising results emerge. There are various parameters of any system you can thus tune–degree of connectedness, degree of

diversity, degree that certain forms of initiative are distributed throughout the system, and so forth.


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