Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 19 January 2007

Model 32

The Anxieties Channeled Model

What are the greatest curiosities of humankind? What are the questions that all lives struggle to answer? Religions for eons monopolized

this area. In the 20th century, immense tumult, war, disaster, nuclear threat and the like combined to cause ordinary people to invent philosophies

about what the anxieties are underneath all lives and how all lives face or hide from them. Existentialism was one such major philosophy,

that has, to a large extent, percolated through common culture and entered ordinary human commonsense in more and more

nations, bypassing traditional religions and traditions and salving people lost in modern civilization’s materialism and individualism. From

the greats of physics to the latest outrageous painting–creators tend to always tap one or more of the fundamental anxieties underneath all

lives (Cannon, 1994; Barrow, 1992; Campbell, 1986; May, 1975). Breaking through to such deep layers of human fear and fascination is

one of the touchstones of all great creative works. Einstein’s equations, remember, said the entire universe originated in an infinitesimally

small point that exploded into spaces with black holes a billions times heavier than our sun but the size of a thimbal–hardly emotionally

neutral or boring images for one example.

The anxieties channeled model sees creativity as a two part process of using the present potentials of a domain so as to tap these layers of

deep abiding human anxiety and release that anxiety into constructive fascination or engagement. Which anxiety gets tapped differentiates

creative works. What present opportunistic features are used to tap that anxiety also differentiates creative works. Creators view a field of

people and how their own works and attitudes are drawing them away from the fundamental anxieties of life. They then devise works that,

like lightning strikes, reconnect the people of the field with life’s powerful deeps of hope and despair. Creators are the emotional electricians,

rewiring practices and projects to keep spiritual currents flowing. The courage model is quite close to this one as we can easily imagine

types of courage specific to each fundamental anxiety underneath life.


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