Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 19 January 2007

Model 36

The Performance Creativity Model

Earlier in this article, the performance model of creativity was presented. It sees creativity as always a performance before audiences (Webb,

1998; Noice and Noice, 1997; Sawyer, 1997; Strasberg, 1987). It sees the moves, the “acting”, the drama, and the music of creation before

that audience. That model is not this model. The performance creativity model concerns the creativity that is inside performing. It is sort of

the inside out version of that outside-in “creativity as performance” model.

Performance creativity involves staging, before an audience. The field that judges creative works is often quite particular about what staging

they will accept. Pick the wrong staging and they do not notice you. Performance creativity involves the drama within one’s own work and

the drama across the sequence of works you generate. It is often the drama that draws an audience into the work. In this model of creativity

you study performance and the types of creation in it and then apply them generally to creativity in all its sorts.



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