Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 19 January 2007

On Tedium…

The blog is going to get incredibly boring for a while…

It seems I have been futzing around.  Criminy, this is why I like to do things in my head.

There are still synthesized models left.  However, as I told Dr. Greene, I’ve had an underlying and persistent headache for about a year now because of thinking about how I would arrive at a coherent model of creativity.  I actually think I know which is pertinent or maybe, maybe could have drawn it out myself, but this is a major bonus.  I was just not happy with anything out there.

As he addresses in the first parts of this paper “Creativity Research Needs Some Creativity” and I’ve worked long and hard to realize a faith in my own experience.  I am a ‘creative’ person and nothing fit. I may have gotten some sparks but I mostly had the ‘hohum’ reaction to most creativity research or… yeah, I just wasn’t happy.  Anyone who know me knows I don’t usually have hohum reactions, especially in certain subject matters.  It’s more like *%$$^$!!! where do they get this FRELLING DREN!  A Herculean effort like this meta-research was needed to make me satisfied with the what? Documentation! And it needs to be reflected here in what is supposed to be my thinking and organization tool.

So, yes…the tedium. A well articulated model of creativity that can be extrapolated to the creative act is an important part of the link between art and consciousness.  Or at least any links I want to make.  I need to go through all of this with a fine tooth comb because [I’m obsessive?] I want to make sure I’ve covered as much as can be covered and I don’t [again] miss anything.  [This is why it’s so frustrating when people approach me with the impression that I need to read more, Frell! I have forgotten more books than some people read.  I’ve searched people out and emailed them for copies of their papers when the library couldn’t get get me a copy.  Look, I searched out Chick-see-me-highly’s dissertation for crying out loud.  I needed to know where and how he began.]

So…if I do nothing else for this thing and rest on the laurels of others for the rest of the sections, the model of creativity will be arrived at after major ‘work’. 

As a side note: You can’t imagine how many FreeCell games I went through in posting these.  It seems I’ve spent my whole life wondering when computers would be fast enough.  At least you could have typed ahead in earlier computers.  This waiting for ‘Windows’ to change is a bitch.  OK, ok, I know it’s the connection and not the computer.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have the FreeCell outlet.  What gets me is that I can tell my response time is slower than most of the people in SL.  That may just be my typing…where can I find ‘Mavis Beacon’?



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