Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 22 January 2007

T.A.O. Zone Building

I’ve been bringing SL pictures over from Flickr, but I don’t think you can bulk post them. 

Snapshot_0031.jpg Made a whole building!! hee.

Snapshot_0011.jpg This is a better picture of it. I know it’s kind of weird, but I LIKE it!

Snapshot_005.jpg  Snapshot_006.jpg First Floor w/ramp up. Translucent metal.  woohoo! I’ve always wanted to try that translucent concrete stuff for lit sculpture…maybe one day. I never did go about experimenting with the metal powder and resin used for faux bronze, etc. casting…again, maybe one day.

Snapshot_009.jpg Snapshot_010.jpg Second Floor, gallery space?

So, I forgot to mention that in order to be able to make a building, I had to break down and purchase land.  I guess even in virtual reality the rule that it is better to own than to rent applies.  So There is a parcel of land beside the building that I have to landscape.  For now there are some trees, grass and I set out Quatro.  Below is the glow in the dark Quatro aligned with the moon…




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