Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 24 January 2007

Virtual Live/Work Space


Artist and T.A.O. Network CEO, Tonietta Walters will start ‘open studio’ hours in her Second Life virtual live/work space [Mar. 2010:link changed to new studio] on February 2nd, 2007.

The move to a Virtual Reality Environment is almost an inevitable culmination of Walters’ interests. “When I first decided to concentrate on art as a career, 3D Visualization and Virtual Reality were my primary interest. However, because of a series of choices driven by my desire to get to the root of why I do or wish to do things, I’ve been away from that kind of activity for a while.  It has taken me this long to return to virtual environments.”


Espousing a hacker mentality and extremely comfortable with computers and the internet, her desire to give a gander at immersive virtual worlds finds its first comfortable fit in Second Life. “I gave Active Worlds a try when they released in the 90’s and thought about the MxO MMO, but am not really interested in ‘gaming’. Second Life seemed more accessible due to the level of creative freedom given ‘residents’ in creating the environment, its compatibility with my preferred method of complete immersion for practical learning and their level of functional compatibility with real life concepts including Intellectual Property and business.”


Under the pseudonym of her Second Life avatar, Xhyra Graf,* Walters has set up shop and is now tweaking ‘Quatro’ – a four person meditation space around a light-scripted totem-like central sculpture. Although a small area is set up as a bedroom-like living space, the rest will be studio space-where she will learn about 3D building including the Second Life scripting language and a gallery space-where her in world hybrid creations will be for sale and real life versions of her sacred spaces can be commissioned from their 3D ‘sketches’.


Per Xhyra “The first major project is a virtual reconstruction of Axis Mundi. Open Studio hours will be Fridays from 1pm to 7pm PST.  Since basic membership is free, get a Second Life and join me in world!”

Second Life: The Official Guide Second Life: The Official Guide

*The choice of Xhyra Graf as a name is mnemonic device – calling to mind the graphing or visualization…of a personality.


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  2. Awww… Thanks!

  3. Hi, I arrived now!!!

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