Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 27 January 2007


Why comments are/were disabled on this weblog.

Simple-first, it cuts down on spam and second, this started as [is] a working tool and the comments were supposed to work along with the linking as a kind of internal referencing. This blogging process actually had [has] nothing to do with ‘interaction’ or ‘social-networking’. I still have the core desire to lock myself in a basement, find my Walden or walk the hell out of the city gates, so I can ‘think’…without interruption. The part of thinking that is process laden, that gets kinks in it when other people begin to tell you what they think you are thinking. The kind of thinking you can only share with people whose comments you can trust to take your thinking into account in their commentary.

It’s not until I started the XhyraGraf section* that it began to occur to me that the usual ‘art’ portion, the to be expected ‘sharing of art’ and thus inevitablity of commentary came into play. I expected [still expect] that to come much further along when at some point I felt I had a more complete product. I am quite sure there at most 2 people who look at this thing anyway, if they even are. But, being who I am, I try to be fair, open-minded and far reaching. [Yeah…I know that at times it doesn’t seem like it. But I do have to stick to the parameters of my ‘Pledge to be honest here’.]

The comments still will function as my tool of cross-reference. However since the thought finally occured to me, I decided to enable comments on the XhyraGraf and maybe a few other things like the movies category.

There it is.

*Sept., 2009: The Xhyra Graf [including the movies category] moved to another blog. May2010: Recombined blogs at WordPress.



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