Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 27 January 2007

The New World

Apropos…The New World

This post, addresses how it is that there can be a movie with both Colin Farrell and Christian Bale in it that I do not like.  The uptake on the rant at the end of my last movie post. For heavens sake, they should have been able to make them both blither like idiots, fall about in drunken stupors and pee on themselves and still have me leave the movie happy!  [Hey! like Johnny Depp in The Libertine] Come on!!  Colin Farrell!  The ultimate example of why the small portion of my genes overcomes the majority [and my brain] over and over again in the feening for their match from that part of the world.  And Christian Bale!  Who is an excellent actor otherwise but let me stick to my fav genre*-he outdid Michael Keaton in portraying the beginnings of Batman.  He OWNED that role.  Like Hugh Jackman OWNED Wolverine. [God, I was worried when I found out they were going to do an X-Men movie — like everyone else who followed the X-Men. Wolverine is an important, almost the most followed character. Can you be in love with a comic book Superhero?  Yeah… Watch for the new Wolverine movie].**

It’s a New World that I don’t want.  I believe this kind of thing happens when people don’t know their role.  There is a reason they are called stars and are paid so much.  They pull the weight of the movie.  Everyone else is support.  If your desire is to have everyone see what a good editor, musical score writer, whatever it is that you are, it is done by properly supporting the stars.  Make a fine art film if you want to be obscure and obtuse and remove the necessity of actors.  I am, of all people, the first one to enjoy a relaxing and meditative meander through the meadows of visualization. But Come On!  No one is going to be patient enough to watch even a well framed however the much too many seconds, maybe minutes of Christian Bale’s chin while he’s chewing on a blade of grass – nice chin though it may be.  Who did the director of photography and editing and musical score sleep with that they overrode the director? And if the director decided all of this, then he sucked as a director.  The movie sucked. 

Sucked from the beginning when the indians did badly choreographed moves that were poorly framed and filmed to ineffectively show their attachment to ‘nature’ and their primitive [only in western eyes] body bound ‘pre-verbal’ state.  Which I believe I only got because maybe of who I am and that is the only explanation for why they would make those poor actors behave like chickens.  Ugh!!!  Suuuuuccckkked eggs!!  What kept me there.  You guessed it – the acting of Colin Farrell, Christian Bale and the girl whose name I can’t remember right now.  She did an excellent job, like the guy in Apocalypto [which by the way is an example of the proper use of movement and non-verbal expression to convey the afore-mentioned concepts – yea Mel!]. So besides the actors, why did I stay to see that the ending was a long drawn out and boring homage to some obscure concept from self-same film edit, music supporting roles?  I was in shock and exhausted.  I was trying to understand how it could SUCK SO BAD.

*This does kind of make a match up with the whole 3D gaming thing doesn’t it?  Comics, Computers, Movies, 3D Virtual Reality. Maybe not.

**All linked out.  Ugh! I wonder if there is a movielink plug-in.  hmmm…



  1. […] First of all, “Sucked” is still, in my head, attached to The New World, so Ghost Rider didn’t suck.  In fact, I enjoyed…well…most of it.  This is the underlying problem with Ghost Rider and again I always find the major flaw to be something usually having to do with the director or direction.  Especially today, you can sell anything as plausible in a movie.  If you are unable to do that then you are unable to do your job as a professional movie maker.  You label yourself as an amateur.  Plain, simple.  […]

  2. […] *By the way, it is has now replaced The New World as the definition of ’sucked’  […]

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