Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 5 February 2007

And in the Metaverse…

MarChrist Autopoiesis

The question is… how far can one be removed from reality?  I’ve decided to undertake the painting of the snapshot taken in Second Life. So what we will have then is a representation (painting) of a representation (avatar) in a representation (virtual world).  All different levels of imagination brought to concrete[?] form.  How concrete is that form-is any form?  Would it be beneficial to display all three together?  A live version [feed] of the characters within Second Life along with the digital prints of the photos and the paintings.  And what about the other representations?  The artist’s statement-written representation.  The viewer reactions-various forms of representation. 

If you look at my paintings-all of them even the landscapes, I have never tried to represent in my work the ‘reality out there’, it has always been the imagining, the mind’s representation/my interpretation of any given moment.  Flattened landscapes to illustrate the all at once view of an aesthetic experience or the memory of such.  To me it makes no sense to try to capture the grandeur of nature – I am not up to the task and have never had any interest in attempting the impossible.  The difficult yes, the impossible no. Stylized drawings of faces that illustrate that those images of ‘women’ in a magazine are not real.  Abstractions on the female figure that illustrate my emotions at the time.  It is more of a possibility to express and therefore refine my interpretation of a moment than to attempt to recreate what is ‘out there in the world’…what ever I produce would be a construct, so I might as well embrace that and go with what aspects become lodged in my memory.

This was a clear urge that I intend to trust, something I felt an inkling of when I first saw these snapshots:

Snapshot_011.jpg  Snapshot_022.jpg  Snapshot_029.jpg  reading.jpg 

and the feeling took definite form in the MarChrist Autopoiesis photoshoot.  I felt the need to recreate and represent something in that way; with the mental and physical effort that it takes to commit an image to canvas, to smell the paint, to feel the texture as the paint is transferred from brush to canvas, to be lost in the dynamics of the reaction to each change in the individual colors and the whole of the canvas as the representation grows and changes  Making the time in which to think about what this means to me in the way that commits it to memory best – in connection with concentrated physical, sensory activity.  The time with which to resolve something internally and then let it go.

And how far is that removed from the reality that matters?  We arrive alone, protesting [or at least I did] and we must do the work needed to leave at peace with the reality to which we return.


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