Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 8 February 2007

Through the looking glass…


So now that I’ve decided to paint I realize I have to work harder at composing snapshots…playing around with the camera until something catches my eye [in whatever way].

I still happen to like taking close up portrait shots, but it’s still a matter of how the whole shot ‘sets’ with me.

Snapshot_010.jpg Snapshot_009.jpg

That is, unless I can’t quite get something to line up right like the &$#&^*%!! fireplace that is trailing down the left side of the next photo.


So I finally relented and did some cropping in Corel PhotoPaint [yes, I know everyone else uses Photoshop, I like Corel]. It’s not like I hadn’t cropped previous shots, but…who knows sometimes why something seems ok in one situation and doesn’t in another.



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