Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 10 February 2007

Alternative Conceptual Schemes


Originally uploaded by Xhyra Graf.

The poem that goes with this mixed media painting: Beyond Babel.

I don’t suppose this post will really talk about the philosophical take on alternative conceptual schemes except for me to say that trying to get a more ‘scholarly’ way of referencing this ‘concept’ has brought me to this…I’m tired. Frelling tired. If I had mivonks they would be drawn up into my body right now.

Of course, I should know better than to attempt anything of this sort on a day like today when the splotchy, clotted feeling is at it’s zenith. In a few months it will be almost thirty years of the monthly ‘evidence’ that I was a man in previous life and am being punished.

It is all well and good to notice that there may be such things as Alternative Conceptual Schemes [ACS]. Um…duh! It is frelling fahrbot to think that such a thing as ACS is impossible and for the love of Khalaan, ACS would only make a metaphysical difference if all of our experience, our conscious experience was ‘conceptual’ – IT IS NOT.

Frell, FRELL, Frell!!! Dahmet all to frelling hezmana.

I’m off to sniff out my sleeping place, turn around in it three times to stomp it into the perfect comfy setting and go to sleep, because even dogs are ‘smarter’ than us.  I think I should begin to emulate them.  Frelling humans…

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