Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 16 February 2007

Artefacts of Emergence

Artefacts of Emergence

Originally uploaded by Xhyra Graf.

Well, here is the question after what I would call a productive day [even though I had a headache for most of it].

Do I need to spend the time to drill down toward the functional necessity of qualia [and the emergence of consciousness first as a kind of proprioceptive or kinesthetic self-awareness even if illusory] or should I spend less time on that and get to the point of this whole exercise which is the elucidation of my simple belief that the “artefacts” of art are an essential tool in the investigation of such pre-reflective awareness? But how do I get to the second without the first? And can I just stop at the first?

That’s a bunch of questions….Quote

21/09/2009: The short answer to that is that I do need to address the functional necessity-it answers the question of why art is important to the investigating….


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