Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 22 February 2007

Eye See

Eye See

Originally uploaded by Xhyra Graf.

PhotoPaint Practice. Tools, Layers, etc. Is it good just because I spent a whole bunch of time on it? Nevertheless, I was going for a certain look in the usual I’ll know it when I see it way. This came close. It has a little more depth and looks a little more skin-like. Well, as skin-like as blue can look.

My supposition is that I’ll use the Second Life base to create the final look I want for the Avatar. I’ve taken a bunch of close ups and work from there. I decided to start small with just individual portions of the face. Fortunately for me, that’s how a computer can enhance the process. I will have the exact makeup of the colours, layers, etc. embedded in each working file. Some of it is still the same as standard production…I have to remember which brush or effect tool I used and how, especially since I used some tools as brushes.

So within and using the layers, colours, tools I’ll get something that looks the way I want it…whatever that means…and be able to reproduce that ‘look’.

For contrast:



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