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Self-Making Model

Synthesize Greene’s Models re: Art & Consciousness

Two major so far: Models 33 & 41

Secondary*: Models o4, 10 & 14

Possibly, so there is one from each Type: 19 or 23, 25 or 30

More review/thinking needed. The first two seem intuitively necessary of the Self & Mind Types and I doubt they will be changed. The secondary seem right, although 04 may just be associative pressure.

Review the garbage can models, specifically 05 & 03 and Greene’s own garbage can model. The Sub-Creations [25] is pretty heavily weighed and I originally had 14 in the ‘No’ section* – I’ll have to think about it some more…

I also need to think about why I feel it’s necessary to limit to one model from each type. There is also the possibility for a synthesis of more than one from each type to create a new model-especially if I am allowed the foray into speculative philosophy. Although it is a far reaching and thorough thing, I have to be careful not to take its completeness at face value.

*Right 14 stays a no, naming it a Systems model under the Social Type was misleading – just had to reread it again taking in his explanation. So maybe it’s 13-Community of Ideas Model [which was a no also-seems I left out 4 of the 6 ‘Social Types’ on initial choosing. I wonder why? lmao.] The Space Sharing or collaboration model [17-one of the two left] is close to 13 in that it fosters a community of ideas, but at this level one has already begun to cross into sub-creation…maybe though this is what I am looking for.  Have to decide or do I? It’s possible that anything beyond the Self and Mind Type Models chosen would only pertain to a group used to investigate the phenomenology of subjective experiene within the creative act OR 13 would pertain to as he said the ‘most elemental of the social models’ and can speak to general creativity and 17 would pertain to an already directed self-making model creativity. Dum de dum….Ugh! Which do I need NOW.

Well, as always the thing needed now is the thing that has the most future potential, makes no sense to dally with the general. This is directed toward something. So, it’s 17 then…It is the one that would pertain to an artist that is more aware of their process and are beginning to [directedly] create the ‘Social’ life necessary for their ideas to grow. And less directedly [is that a word?] than 16, the other of the two, which addresses social pressures for paradigm change. And to be noted: Greene is not speaking of a individual or person directed move toward collaboration or shared space but more of a thing that happens. [A view of the social type as solely directed from the outside]. What I will be speaking of though is the [or my] artist world interpretation of a sub-creation move that is taken quite frequently. Especially the thing that feeds my irritation when I think of Kahlo, Claudel and can’t sometimes remember the name of Pollack’s wife-Lee Kranser [This would then be a view of the social type as somewhere between 16 and 17-dynamically fostered by both individual intentions and the synchronicity of shared space or tools outside of an aware sharing of space or collaboration.]

For each Type so far

Catalog: o4 – Darwinian Systems
Blend: 10 – Paradox Balancing
Social: 17 – Space Sharing (or Collaboration)
System: 23 – Adjacent Beyond
Purity: 25 – Subcreations
Self: 33 – Extended Self-Development
Mind: 41 – Experience Realization Forms

Oct 2, 2009: Removed from both META & Elaborate since it developed to the SEER Model


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