Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 1 March 2007


Originally uploaded by Xhyra Graf.
Succeeded in getting more of a ‘painting’ look in some areas of this snapshot…mostly on the figure – with some of that blurring along the edges that I happen to like in painting. And the partial view of the Axis Mundi painting in the background is getting more of the “feel” of one of my latex paintings.

I wonder what a high quality large format print would look like, what kind of surface I would want to print to and if there could be touch ups over the printed surface.

Hmmm, and I suppose I would have to be more careful about what size/resolution the original image is if I wanted large format output from these as opposed to doing a painting of it from scratch on canvas.

Have to work on creating depth in the background…Um, why? Hmm, what’s that about? I never did in my real painting; in fact purposefully having more visual detail in the furthest away points to flatten the visual field in landscapes or not having a background at all around solitary figures… Oh no! Contamination by the academics!!  Or, probably simply because it’s there already as opposed to having to create one from scratch in painting.

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