Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 11 April 2007

Blatant Bullshit by Bogg-Brains

88 days after…Axis Mundi ruined 


I have just received confirmation from our staff here that they are in receipt of your check. We were also contacted by the Risk Management division who informed us that the piece that was damaged is now the property of Broward County Board of County Commissioners. You will need to make arrangements to have the piece delivered to us prior to receiving the insurance check.

Please contact me to arrange a time convenient for you.

Well, I do still have it because it’s been in the same place since inspecting it after I first brought it back home. I haven’t been able to look in that direction without wanting to set fire to something/one or otherwise feeling queasy because it’s one of those pieces; 273 hours of my time lost, lost, lost. 

What the frell are they gonna do with a damaged piece of artwork that they didn’t respect enough to keep safe anyway? Not to mention that turning it in has never, ever been mentioned before.  What if I had gotten around to tossing it out? Pulse rifle on overload to be wrapped in the painting…  



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