Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 17 April 2007



I still like Karl Urban even though the movie was bad.  Wait for the DVD…or not.  I didn’t hate it enough to write a long diatribe about how bad it is; or care enough to defend the good parts.  Umm, I’m not sure there were any good parts besides the repeated views of his  furrowed brow.  Karl Urban’s furrowed bow whilst fighting, crying, running, searching, sliding 120 mph down a mountain on a shield, staring longingly after moon whoever.  It’s gotta be his trademark.

And somehow, I don’t know how, they made him look smaller than he has ever looked.  Lo and behold he has no butt.  Ok, the furrowed brow makes up for it.

You gotta admit that it’s kind of funny that someone genetically coded to play a Viking! is named Urban.

And yeah, did the director come up with one original scene the whole movie? No.

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