Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 23 April 2007

Punchy redux…

Punching bag up…I’ll try to remind myself daily that it’s ok, maybe necessary, to be punchy.

It wasn’t really a hard hit, just came at the wrong time and dazed me.  Part of whatever genetic tendency my family has to forget that we need to be vigilant in our watchfulness; Forget that Murphy pays special attention to our progress and visits when we least expect it.  Yeah, yeah…I know Murphy does lay in wait especially for our family, but I don’t care about anyone else.  All I’m saying is if we remember to expect it, it doesn’t put us out for that long and “paranoia is total awareness, my friend.”*

Anyway, the punching bag was put up the next day… I think it might be a little low and I don’t think I should have been lifting it by myself.

I could have asked the wife beater next door to help me with it…NOT. At the back of my mind it’s practice for the next time I’m trying to concentrate and am interrupted, then they both get whooped.

Yes, all of a sudden I live in a trailer park…another layer of my squelched anger response.  There’s nothing like living practically isolated for over two years to then be saddled with white trash moving in next door…in an actual trailer. Frell.

*Crazy Eddie Nambulous-publisher of the web tabloid “The Paranoid Times” in First Wave


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