Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 29 April 2007

Sunday drivers

Computer blue…

I need a new computer.  I would be much more efficient if I had a computer that worked at my speed.  I’m getting less patient as I get older, especially since type ahead doesn’t really work in windows.  I remember being able to deal with the disconnect in speed because I memorized each screen and could just keep typing commands or information until the computer caught up with me.

I can’t even have more than one window going efficiently because windows pops up the window that it’s working on whether you want it to or not.  Because I hate waiting for screens to change or saves to happen I usually begin work some other thing to let the current thing process or change screens.  However, I can’t depend on continuing to work on the thing I’m now paying attention to because the other pops up and the next thing I know I’ve typed two whole sentences on the wrong screen. 

Thank goodness I grew out of online chatting years ago….I would be letting all kinds of people know how I really feel about them while thinking I was typing a message to my best friend.

Of course this could mean that I’m actually slow on the uptake or need to pay attention while I’m typing.

Installing new drivers and updates doesn’t help either.  In fact, those *^&$^$*!! updates always cause some problem or the other.  So I spent my Sunday fiddling with the computer and not getting much done at all.


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