Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 12 July 2007

Storm’s Brewing

Storm’s BrewingOriginally uploaded by Xhyra Graf.Woman Thou Art Leashed, Um…Loosed.

Gathering my strength for what is sure to be hell week. My, my…that’s seems to be a little bit negative. It’s just going to be a bit busy. I am also sure it will all turn out to be great.

I believe that my little “Foci is a nonsense word” catch phrase is being put to the test and the focus that has been necessary [and will become increasingly so] over the past two weeks may make some uncomfortable. Too bad.

As I stood in Kiff’s office the other day and looked at the photo, I decided that there is nothing wrong in wanting to be ‘like Mike” be it Jordan or Michelangelo.  I will just go about doing what I do best, be a SEER. Be damned those that stand in my way.

Gathering the Maelstrom

Gathering the Maelstrom


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