Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 21 August 2007

Bicameral Covariance Redux


Too many layers of thinking to write about.  Seems that I expend a lot of energy peeling off layers of other peoples crap.  Nothing new…except for I’m tired of it. No, that’s not new either. 

Anyway, in the really virtual extension of whatever physical stuff or non-physical non-stuff my mind is needs the constant reminder that it is OK to allow for the desire to go what for some reason I have classed as testezoid on someone…and it won’t make me any less feminine, just in need of a larger man.

As always, I don’t care what anyone says-function follows form, which would seem to make me marxist instead of the hegalian that I am.  Bah…Have I said lately that I hate Philosophy.  This, of course, would be dependent on how I’m defining each term.  Thankfully, I am beginning to forget.  Praise God for aging brain cells…


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