Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 4 December 2007



Originally uploaded by Xhyra Graf.

Accepting the inevitable…

I will not be able to regularly post to my blog until…when? I cannot wait until all the chips are in place to move forward because other people hold some of the chips and guard them like rabid dogs.

So, I forced myself with gritted teeth to suffer the excruciatingly slow, lag ridden and mega crashing Second Life. When, when will I get proper internet? The Super Phone can only do so much. But so I did, and I so did get this out of it.

Satisfied. And as usual, I don’t care what anyone else thinks…It’s art. In the broad reaches of where my think spin electron fields traverse I have a whole knowing that it will not serve me well to concentrate on producing “a body of work”.

Notice I used produce, not create.

encosmosified and out…


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