Posted by: Xhyra Graf | 16 December 2007

Primal Scream-the Frequency Constancy

Charm – My Sister

I saw her hand go out and at the very end of the extension, it came…a sound unexpected and yet familiar. As the sound cut through me in some kind of Plancky wanky quantum fulcrum prism ray way, I felt proud to know her, to have her as friend and sister. Only one in touch with One could freely produce such a sound. Only such a one could reach inward and project outward the sound most women, I, carry silently vibrating…

I think of it as I sit at my desk slowly processing the self same recurring, renewing vibration pulsing along with my adrenal flow; the air crackling around me as it time jump mingles with the also familiar “chuckle” that commonly precedes the unspoken “let me explain to you little girl.”

That constant waveform repeating over quantum fields. I time my breath to it so I could overlay the control pattern and drown it out into nothingness while staring at my ornately decorated dragon knife.

I marvel at the wisdom of keeping it an unsharpened, decorative thing.

The waves of her reach with that primally free screech punctuated every carefully timed breath and comma of silence that followed and I… once again thanked the powers that be she was so much a part of me.


Primal Scream-the Frequency Constancy

Primal Scream-the Frequency Constancy

Originally uploaded by Xhyra Graf.

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